Dope Girls Zine
Our mission

Getting high while getting shit done.

Dope Girls is a feminist cannabis culture zine that started in Spring 2016 when co-founders Beca Grimm and Rachel Hortman noticed the lack of female representation in the 420-friendly community. Or, in plain terms, we wondered why only dudes surrounded them at parties should they happen to spark a jay. Based in Atlanta, tons of women were still getting high but in private. It was largely a dude thing in public spaces in the American South at the time, and we wanted to help change that while also championing marginalized voices.

Our core internal team lives and works in Atlanta, but our community is global. We work to destigmatize the plant, improve access to healthcare, and promote women and non-binary makers while supporting independent media. Also, yes, we smoke weed.

Each year, we release two zines showcasing work from women and non-binary makers; a portion of sales benefits Planned Parenthood Southeast, a crucial organization for leading change in our region. We release a slew of women- and non-binary-designed merch to help promote the zine and the people featured in it. We also stage a series of community-centered events each year in Atlanta, with hopes of expanding elsewhere, as well.