Dope Girls Zine

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are compensation rates for contributors?
A: Although we are working to change this, unfortunately at this time contributors are not paid. No one on the Dope Girls team gets a paycheck as all money raised goes straight to Planned Parenthood Southeast. However, we believe this is an invaluable way for artists to donate their talents to a worthy cause. If you are interested in getting documentation of this talent donation for tax purposes, we can do that — just ask.

Q: When is the next zine coming out? How often do they come out?
A: Volume 5 is slated to release in mid-April We release two zines a year, once in April and once in October.

Q: If I contribute, can I get a tax break?
A: Sure, just specify your need during the contribution process so we can give you proper documentation for your accountant.

Q: If I contribute, do I get a free zine? What about the release party?
A: All our contributors do get a free zine. The release party is in Atlanta and always open and free to the public, contributors included. Come on down! We’d love to meet you.

Q: What if I have more specific questions? Who do I talk to about writing? Design? The party?
A: Email and we'll make sure the appropriate co-conspirator gets your message.