Dope Girls Zine

Frequently asked questions

Q: When is the next zine coming out? How often do they come out?

A: Volume 6 is slated for April 2019. We historically released two books a year — one in April, one in October — but are skipping our October 2018 release as we re-calibrate our model and firm up format, advertisers, etc.


Contributors-specific Q's

Q: I write/make art! How can I contribute?

A: Typically, our editor (Beca) and art director (Rachel) reach out to makers individually to recruit their talents with specific ideas or angles in mind. However! We always like meeting new people making cool work.


Q: What kind of work are you looking for?

A: We’re open minded but we hope anyone pitching to work with us already know and align with our general M.O. We like feminism, progressive political values, the underdog, advocacy, staying in, going out, self care, caring for others, body positivity, thinking outside the box. Perhaps above all else, we value originality and compassion. Not really into riding a popularity wave or snark.

Keep an eye on our social media accounts (listed at the bottom of this and every page of our site) for more info with regards to content, theme, etc. as those details develop for Volume 6. In the meantime, if you’d like to reach out, please send along samples of your work along with a couple concrete ideas of what you have in mind to our general addy at Please keep in mind although we are not absolutely opposed to working with men, we will give priority to women and non-binary people.


Q: Are contributors paid?

A: Yep! And we also offer each contributor a free copy of the zine showcasing their work, duh.


Q: If I contribute, can I get a tax break?

A: Sure, just specify your need during the contribution process so we can give you proper documentation for your accountant.


Q: What’s up with the release party?

A: The release party is in Atlanta and always open and free to the public, contributors included. Come on down! We’d love to meet you.


Q: What if I have more specific questions?

A: Email and we'll make sure the appropriate co-conspirator gets your message. It’s easier if you add an illuminating subject line like “interested in advertising!” or “design submission.”



Q: My brand and your brand have a lot in common! How can we collaborate?

A: We like new friends! Before reaching out, please have a general idea of what you’d like to work on together. Some examples:

Events: Recall, we are based in Atlanta so events outside the city will be tougher to pull off (we are open to it, but do not always have the resources to be physically present to coordinate day-of. Should you have funding to help with travel and accommodations, tell us). If you are only interested in help promoting your event, please note this in your original email.

Promotion: We can only endorse products, services, and brands we personally know and like. This type of work may necessitate your sending us samples to consider pursuing.

Appearances and panel work: We love to connect with new communities! However, please note we typically charge an hourly or project rate for these collaborations, with special circumstances exempt.

Consultation: Beca and Rachel offer consultation services outside Dope Girls as Cold Cache LLC. They can help you with branding, social media, design, content, and more. Simply note we charge an hourly rate, including ideating and early-stage consulting, for these services.