Volume IV — Sex

Volume IV — Sex

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From childbirth to masturbation to selfies to straight-up boning, our team interprets the theme “sex,” in a selection of its infinite definitions.

Inside pages printed by Risology Club in Nashville, TN. Cover and special photo insert printed by Jive! in Nashville, TN. 28 pages.

Published: 10/19/2017



Amanda Grace Leadman

Chiara Dal Maso

Sherri Levin

Nona Willis Aronowitz

Tiffanie Young

Alina Nguyen

Julia Stotz

Casey Dobbins

Sarah Lawrence

Lauren Larson

Lindsay Ryden

Yanira Vissepo

Bobbin Wages

Stephanie Georgopulos

Ciara Cordasco

Rachel Hortman

Carolyn Hanson

Molly Priddy

Meredith Anne White

Krystal Visions

Jolie Kerr

Mackenzie Brookshire

Caitlin White

Aslee Livingston

Gabriela Herstik